Delivering Relief In a Time of High Anxiety

Delivering Relief In a Time of High Anxiety

Delivering Relief In a Time of High Anxiety

How Small Businesses Adapt to Service Their Customers

Tri-Healthy CBD, located in Niles and Boardman, Ohio, are offering free home delivery services to customers 55 or older, disable, or a veteran who lives within 10 miles of each location.  

The Coronavirus has caused a disruption in all of our lives, which will affect our stress and anxiety levels.  Many of our customers have found relief with CBD, but these troubled times have multiplied the levels of stress and anxiety that we all feel during this pandemic.  An increase in stress and anxiety levels due to COVID-19 can reduce the body’s immune system, making the body less immune to the Coronavirus.

CBD is a very popular relief aid for seniors and others with medical conditions, which makes this class a higher risk for illness, and COVID-19.  The combination of higher stress levels because of the pandemic in combination with a high risk demographic has made Tri-Healthy’s CBD home delivery service a necessity that will be a continued service by Tri-Healthy CBD. 

Tri-Healthy CBD focuses on the customer experience, and the feedback from our customers will make the Tri-Healthy’s CBD Home Delivery Program a service that will be continued.  “The health of our customers is paramount, but this program has had such a great response we have to continue it”, says Paul Kaldy, Tri-Healthy’s co-owner.

For more information or if you have any questions check out or text 844-994-9676 (1-844-99Hempo).

Comments from our customers: 

“I placed the order at 1 PM and my CBD oil was delivered before 5”

“So I can just send you a text to 844-99Hempo and you will deliver the order to my Dad’s?”

“My Mom always wanted to try it, she just doesn't like to get out much.”

Tri-Healthy CBD is located in the Southern Park Mall, 7401 Market St, Youngstown, OH 44512. Tri-Healthy CBD is also located in the Eastwood Mall, 5555 Youngstown Warren Rd, Niles, OH 44446.


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