Tri-Healthy CBD Thanks Warren Farmer's Market

Tri-Healthy CBD would like to thank the Warren City Farmers Market for hosting such a great event for local vendors and small businesses this last Tuesday. The location was beautiful atop the Warren amphitheater and the weather held up wonderfully despite some heavy winds. There was a great atmosphere to the whole event due in part to the live music as well as the friendly staff. There were a lot of people present at the event, vendors and customers alike, especially toward the beginning of the event and we can personally say we did very well, of course all thanks to the organizers.

We had brought a large amount of product varying from edibles to oil tinctures and without a doubt we went through a fair amount of it all. Our brownies sold out completely and gummies were definitely one of he hot items of the day. It was quite enjoyable to stop and take the time to personally speak with each and every person who visited our booth. Nothing is more gratifying than helping people find natural solutions to problems they've been dealing with for years and the feedback we get is just incredible. Its vending events like the Warren Farmers Market that allows us to reach more customers and bring some relief to people in different areas around the northeast Ohio area, for this reason we once again give thanks to the Warren Farmers Market.  

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