Adopt a Dog Project Every Dog Matters

Adopt a Dog Project Every Dog Matters

Tri-Healthy CBD and Every Dog Matters presents: The Adopt a Dog Project at the Southern Park Mall.

Tri-Healthy CBD is teaming up with Every Dog Matters for the Adopt a Dog Project Saturday February 8th at the Southern Park Mall Noon to 4 PM.  Please stop in and visit some of the precious pups that need a loving home.  Our animal rock stars will be adopted with the help of Every Dog Matters, an incredible and passionate organization from Youngstown, OH.

Every Dog Matters is a small group of passionate people with the desire to help the underdog.  Every Dog Matters core values include: every dog deserves a chance, every dog deserves to be loved, every dog deserve a warm bed and to always have food and water, every dog matters.

Tri-Healthy CBD’s share the same passion and love for animals and is excited to work with Every Dog Matters on The Adopt a Dog Project.  The Adopt a Dog Projects’ goal is to get as many forever homes for our beloved furry friends.

We invite families and pet-lovers of all kinds to come celebrate and enjoy this day with us. If you know someone in search of a new best friend, please share this event.  Come in and say hello and feel free to socialize even if you can’t bring a dog home today, I am sure all the fur babies will be glad to see you. We hope to see you there! 

Every Dog Matters and Tri-Healthy CBD’s Adopt a Dog Project

Southern Park Mall - Tri-Healthy CBD (Center Court)

Noon to 4 PMSaturday February 8th 2020

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