CBD Businesses Owner Talks Business: An Interview with Paul Kaldy

CBD Businesses Owner Talks Business: An Interview with Paul Kaldy


CBD Businesses Owner Talks Business An Interview with Paul Kaldy


Have you ever wondered who is behind Tri-Healthy CBD and wanted to know more about them? On May 19th my coworker Dylan Berg and I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the two sole proprietors of Tri-Healthy CBD Paul Kaldy, husband of Stacie Kaldy who is the other owner. Interviewing Paul was very insightful and interesting. When creating the company he boldly faced the fears that most businessmen have and converted them into his driving energy and motivation. One thing Paul is very keen on is knowing his strengths and weaknesses in the workplace so that he can optimize his workflow to maximize his efficiency. One of Paul’s many strengths is that he has an unending well of ideas for his business and his mind is full of aspiration, ambition, and creativity which he uses to drive his business on the best path.

I’m sure you have heard that we are veteran owned if you have been to any one of our beautiful stores, but did you know that Paul served in the U.S. Navy for nine years? Paul was even a Golden Shellback which is an honor not every Navy veteran can boast of. While in the Navy Paul learned a lot about work ethic and leadership. He experienced many cases of good and bad leadership firsthand. And not only did Paul learn about leadership and how to work his very hardest to achieve his goals, but he also learned about himself and what kind of leader he wanted to become. While in the military Paul learned that what makes a good leader is not asking anything of someone that you wouldn’t do or have done yourself. As an employee of Paul, I can say he is nothing short of a great leader and he manages to stay humble all the while doing it. Transitioning from being in the Navy to being a civilian again was no cakewalk for Paul. There were a lot of difficulties Paul faced coming back home, one of which was getting used to working on an hourly wage instead of a salary wage. Paul was used to being on a salary in the military so he would get his work done as soon as possible since he went home when the work was done instead of at a set time. Hence readjusting to working on an hourly wage was so difficult for Paul that he decided to start his own business.

When we asked Paul what his biggest role model was he answered “I had many role models in my life and career including my family members and professional role models I had… But what’s important in looking for a role model is finding someone with positive qualities and developing them within yourself ” which is a very interesting answer because Paul is saying that when looking up to your role models you don’t have to just admire them when you can aspire to be like them as well by bettering yourself with one step at a time.

The most fun part of running Tri-Healthy CBD for Paul is the commotion. Having a pot leaf in a mall, and making it acceptable in common culture is exhilarating for Paul, and he loves to help people get the relief they deserve from our hemp products. In short, Paul loves hoopla. A question many people want to know the answer to is “What is it like for Paul to be working as his wife’s business partner?” He answered by stating that while working with his wife it wasn’t all upside since there were times when Paul missed spending more time with Stacie, and the business frustrations can sometimes turn onto the personal side and vice versa. All in all, with the pros and cons weighed Paul says he loves it the way it is and wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, not many people can say they have a business partner who is also the woman you love the most and your best friend.

When at work Paul is a very reserved man and is very careful with his words which is an outstanding quality in an employer. Though if you ever want to see him let loose and make you laugh until your sides hurt. You actually can because Paul is a comedian and he does open mics for the time being, but who knows he might have his own Netflix special soon. Another admirable quality of Paul is that he is a man of no regrets. When asked if he would do anything differently with Tri-Healthy CBD he said “I wouldn’t have the knowledge I have today if I didn’t do it wrong back then.” Fun fact: when looking at Tri-Healthy CBD the first letter of each word spells THC. I hope you enjoyed this look at who Paul Kaldy, Owner of Tri-Healthy CBD is. As always remember to stay healthy with Tri-Healthy.

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