CBD Topicals and Their Interaction With the Body

Topicals and Their Interaction With the Body

Written By: Chris Treff

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People are always amazed when they try a high quality CBD topical. With their wide variety of uses, they are suitable for many things. People love them for the scents and it's relaxing abilities, but mostly because of their unmatched ability to relieve multiple types of pain. The topicals we offer come in many forms, from salves and balms, muscle sticks, massage oils and even bath bombs! I always enjoy seeing people try these out, but I love seeing the relief once the magic starts happening. I always offer samples to people, and I tell them, "Just rub it on and let it marinate" and it's true. Just after a few minutes of a product being applied, most people are astonished at the effectiveness and quickness of the product. Research shows that humans have cannabinoid receptors on the skin. When the cannabinoid receptors are activated through topical cannabinoids, skin issues such as pain, inflammation, itchiness and temperature can be reduced. There are some products available that can even help improve the healing process of fresh tattoos!  Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabinol (CBN) have been shown to penetrate the skin 10 times better than delta-8 THC. In more severe cases of pain, itchiness and inflammation, a CBD dominant topical may be more effective than a THC prepared topical product. Potency of the topical may also play a role in the effectiveness of the topical for symptom relief. Currently there are no human studies that have evaluated dosage and concentration of topical cannabinoids. As with most cannabis products, some exploration will occur.

Just like any CBD product, topicals can be isolate and full spectrum. The most common question asked is "Will this show up on a drug test?" and with options like edibles and oils that contain up to .3% THC, frequent use of these products may result in a positive test result for THC. When it comes to topicals though, it is a different story. Consider the skin a protective barrier, in that the THC can only penetrate so far into skin and tissue. There is currently little to no evidence that supports the theory of THC being detected by urine or blood after using these products frequently. That is unless it is a transdermal patch, where those can soak into the bloodstream.

So have no fear if you recently tried a sample of a full-spectrum topical or if you own one already and were concerned about drug testing!

For further information on a study done by the University of Bonn in Germany, from 2017 on a study about THC topicals and their presence in the body. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28122323

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