Insurance with CBD and THC

How THC Can Affect Your Life Insurance

How THC can affect your life insurance w/ Joe Santoro - Santoro Financial Solutions?

Santoro Financial Solutions

Paul and Joe discuss how THC can affect your life insurance and other financial planning.

Life insurance is based on life expectance, anything that impacts your life can affect your life expectance and your ability to be approved for life insurance.  All life insurance companies are different and have different ratings based on the companies risk profiles.  Finding the right company that matches your needs is the key to finding the best life insurance policy at the best rate.

If you already have a life insurance policy, CBD and THC should not affect your insurability since your health rating has been set and a life insurance policy has been issued.

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Here some questions we will be asking Joe with Santoro Financial Solutions. 

What are they types of insurance you work with?

Can you give me an example of how you have helped someone?

What is the difference between Term life and whole life?

What are some things that determine your health rating?

Cigars vs Cigarettes vs Chewing Tobacco?

How can you help someone if they don’t have insurance?

Can you help people that already have a policy?

What are some common uses for life insurance?

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