Interview with Brandon Hardesty of Bumpin Uglies - Mid-Atlantic Dub

Interview with Brandon Hardesty of Bumpin Uglies - Mid-Atlantic Dub

Bumpin Uglies - Mid-Atlantic Dub
Check out the latest release from Bumpin Uglies - Mid-Atlantic Dub


Formed in 2008 by lead singer and guitarist Brandon Hardesty, Bumpin Uglies is a powerhouse reggae-rock band hailing from Annapolis, Maryland.  Consisting of 5 members, Brandon is joined by bassist and vocalist Dave Wolf, drummer TJ Haslett, horn and keyboardist Ethan Lichtenberger, and saxophone and guitarist Will Lopez. 

Bumpin Uglies - Mid-Atlantic Dub
Drawing influence from popular ska-punk and reggae bands such as Sublime, Bad Religion, Reel Big Fish, and Goldfinger, Bumpin Uglies has been bringing melody driven free spirited music for over a decade.


Starting out modestly performing at local open mic nights and backyard parties the group has proven themselves as a standout act leading to an ever-growing fan base and sold out shows and festivals.

With six studio albums under their belt Bumpin Uglies is preparing to expand their discography with the release of “Mid-Atlantic Dub” on September 16th, 2022.  A product of the struggles we all felt throughout the pandemic and the reality of growing up the album brings a very relatable introspective take while staying true to their reggae-rock roots.

In an over the phone interview Brandon talks with us about life on the road, the similarities between being a touring musician and running a small business, the impact of COVID, and fatherhood.


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This was neat, I like the band and it’s nice to hear from them. Cool content :)


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