Ladies in Hemp - an Interview with Stacie Kaldy

Ladies in Hemp - an Interview with Stacie Kaldy

We recently had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Stacie Kaldy, one of the brilliant minds behind Tri-Healthy Hemp and Steel Valley Hemp. Running a business is never easy, and it can be even more challenging for women in the hemp industry. However, Stacie is an unstoppable force, especially with the support of her partner, Paul Kaldy. Paul is one of the amazing individuals who co-founded Tri-Healthy, Steel Valley Hemp, and the Reggae Nights Concerts. Going on to mention that Paul is her role model as well, despite being fired multiple times (which is a running joke in the company.)

Stacie defines success very well. When you are happy, accomplished, and when you can help someone in need and appreciate their gratitude, also word of mouth and an effective team are essential to success. Additionally, Stacie mentioned that she enjoyed meeting all kinds of new people when setting up the store. She also enjoyed getting hugs and fist bumps from our wonderful guests. And we couldn't agree more. Her definition of a successful leader is one who isn't afraid to make mistakes and has a positive outlook with confidence and focus. During a conversation, she expressed her belief that had they started developing the Steel Valley Hemp brand earlier in their journey, it would have been beneficial. During their time working on Tri-Healthy, they tested and experimented with various products to determine their effectiveness and popularity among people. Overall, they have no regrets, except possibly using Square..

Stacie's proficiency in managing a business is evident through the accomplishments of Tri-Healthy, Steel Valley Hemp, and the Reggae Nights concerts. Stacie's other half, Paul, was instrumental in making it all happen. We had the honor of interviewing Stacie and gaining insight into how she manages the business. We eagerly anticipate the exciting developments Tri-Healthy and Steel Valley Hemp will bring in the future!

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