Propaganjah Band at Tri-Healthy CBD

Propaganjah Band Visits Tri-Healthy Hemp

Propaganjah Band Ocala Florida

Propaganjah will be performing live in Englewood, Florida August 27th, 2022.  Before the show the band will be stopping by Tri-Healthy Osprey to hang out.    

Propaganjah Band Florida Live Music

Formed in 2016 by lead singer and guitarist Robert Burr Jr, Propaganjah is a traditional reggae riddim and skank band out of Ocala Florida. Made up of six members, Robert is joined by keyboardist Beau Bryan, percussionist Elliot Eisler, drummer and backup vocalist Judah Harris, rhythm guitarist Yashar Harris, and bassist Jeff Dibiasio. 

Roberts’ family is originally from St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands which heavily influenced his music growing up with reggae music being played frequently in his home.  As a whole the band takes influence from many genres along the lines of Rock, Metal, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Calypso making them stand out amongst the ever growing crowd of Reggae bands in the area.

Staying local to Florida, Propaganjah has become a fan favorite at many bars, venues, and festivals in the sunshine state and has been lucky enough to perform with reggae legends such as Third World, The Wailers, The Original Wailers, Inner Circle, Less Than Jake, SOJA, Pato Banton, Ballyhoo!, and The Green.  Releasing their first EP “Road To Somewhere” in 2018 and their debut album “Sail Adrift” in 2019 Propaganjahs discography brings high energy and positivity that stays true to their Caribbean and R&B roots.  Whether you’re an avid reggae listener or just getting into the genre Propaganjah will have your full attention and leave you with high spirits making you an instant fan of the talented group.

Propaganjah wants to uplift and empower everyone who listens to their music through their positivity based lyrics staying true to the core of Reggae music.  If you’re lucky enough to see them perform live or just Rob solo you will most definitely be captivated by their own unique sound.

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