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Today Tri-Healthy CBD is celebrating its' 1st year anniversary and to commemorate this landmark we are opening a wholesale market to help other small businesses like our own grow and thrive. Our team is comprised of many educated individuals with the experience and understanding required to navigate the nuanced world of the hemp industry. We can provide point of purchase displays, in-store printed marketing materials, custom branded boxes and labels, custom apparel, and custom digital designs; all important assets to a successful business provided to you by our team of professional designers. By partnering with us you're choosing a team of dedicated individuals committed to helping you and your company succeed.

At Tri-Healthy CBD our Steel Valley Hemp brand has a variety of products to its' name ranging from CBD hemp flower to a variety of unique oil tinctures, all of which are third party lab tested for safety, potency, and quality. With such a variety of product to choose from it can be difficult to know where to begin, to keep things simple we will start with our main line of Steel Valley Hemp Full Spectrum oil tinctures. Available in doses starting at 600mg all the way up to our highly potent 5,000mg tincture, the variety in dosages provides the necessary flexibility to help customers find the best tincture to suit their needs. Our Steel Valley Hemp tinctures contain a full spectrum hemp extract meaning they contain 0.3% delta-9 THC as well as many other helpful cannabinoids, flavanoids, and terpenes; these include CBC, CBG, CBDA, and many more, all of which contribute to the entourage effect boosting the tinctures' potential health benefits.

Some customers may find the natural taste of many CBD oils to be crude and unsavory, to help alleviate this we provide three distinct flavored variants of our 1000mg full spectrum CBD tincture. Enjoy our perfectly blended favors which include Peppermint, Orange, and Vanilla at no sacrifice of quality or potency; all of the benefits of our true full spectrum CBD tinctures will be in full effect but now accompanied by a great unique taste. Our peppermint is a cool yet sharp blast of refreshing flavor that you feel from head to toe. Orange has an aroma only comparable to that of freshly squeezed oranges and every drop results in a revitalizing citrus flavor that is sure to please. Lastly, Vanilla contains a delectably sweet flavor that is reminiscent only of wedding cake, this flavor as well as our peppermint go great in hot cocoa too! Some people do enjoy the raw taste of organic hemp oil while others prefer a tad more flavor; it doesn't hurt to provide a sample station to help customers see what flavor they enjoy the most before they buy.

In recent years CBD as well as many other cannabinoids have gotten quite a rise in popularity, CBG or cannabigerol is one such cannabinoid. CBG has been called the "mother compound" of many other cannabinoids including THC and CBD, making it an effective combination of both. CBG has a multitude of benefits that are comparable and may even surpass those of CBD; it is possible CBG may help customers dealing with extreme chronic pain or severe cases of insomnia more so than CBD just to name a few possible examples. Many full spectrum CBD tinctures may contain small amounts of CBG but not enough for noticeable results but our Steel Valley Hemp CBG tinctures contain a 3:1 ratio of CBD and CBG providing a substantial amount of CBG for the body to work with. Our CBG oil is unique to our other tinctures in that it contains a total of 1200mg, 3 parts full spectrum CBD and 1 part CBG, containing 28mg full spectrum CBD and 9mg CBG per serving. CBG is an exciting compound with great potential for medical use making it a possibly stronger alternative to CBD for some customers.

Every drop of oil that comes from our Steel Valley Hemp tinctures can be traced back to our very own home grown hemp flower. When it comes to cannabis many associate the dried flower with high contents of THC but our premium hemp flower contains no more than 0.3% delta-9 THC; this percentage is great enough to provide all of the medical benefits of THC but low enough not to induce the heavy psychoactive effects of marijuana. Our flower is handpicked and hydroponically grown in sheltered tents at our facility in North Carolina and we routinely visit to ensure cleanliness and quality. The wide variety of unique flower strains we carry gives our customers plenty of options when trying to find just the right bud for their needs. Sour Space Candy, a sativa-dominant flower with 17% CBD is a great option for those looking for an energy boost or pain relief. On the opposite end of the spectrum we also carry Suver Haze, an indica-dominant bud with 19% CBD, this bud makes for a great smoke for those looking for more sedative effects and may even assist some in getting a restful nights sleep. In addition to our premium CBD flower we also carry an extremely effective CBG bud, White Rhino. White Rhino contains 15% CBG and is an indica-dominant strain, the effects of this bud come on slowly but surely as a wave of intense euphoria melts your stress and pain away. This strain is unique in that it has the ability to grant a substantial energy boost for your mornings or a restful relaxing state of mind for your evenings. We have many more strains in our stock to choose from and we regularly introduce new flower while still keeping the classic staples our customers have come to love. We sell all of our flower in either pre-rolled RAW King Size cones or straight natural buds, trimmed or untrimmed.

Above all else we came into this industry to help people, and through shared success and collaboration we can go even further in accomplishing this goal. We offer a wide variety of marketing and advertising tools while providing the freedoms in customization to assist you in building your own brand with the confidence of an already established and successful product to back you up. We supply you with our premium full spectrum oil tinctures and flower and we leave the rest to you! Take advantage of our experienced design team with our professional printing and packaging services to fully customize labels with your own enthusiasm and style. We also provide apparel printing services, perfect for establishing team uniforms, custom business apparel for sale or display, or fun designs to fit your market. Designs are printed on our Gildan 8000 made up of a 50% cotton, 50% polyester, pre-shrunk jersey knit available in over 12 colors for maximum customization potential. If you have a design in mind consult with our design staff and we can make it work or we can even offer a completely new custom idea to fit your vision; designs are printed on our screen printer capable of flat colors and intricacy. On top of our provided design services for labeling, professional printing and packaging, we also provide digital marketing tools to further help you develop and grow your very own brand through social media. Our design team excels in graphics that will draw the eye and really bring attention to your product and brand.

Tri-Healthy CBD is celebrating its 1st year anniversary in the northeast Ohio area today and to celebrate we are looking at why we got into this industry in the first place, to help people. That's why today we are launching our wholesale catalog for other small businesses trying to get a solid foothold in the hemp industry. We offer a wide variety of oil tinctures including flavored CBD tinctures and premium CBG tinctures as well as an exceptional selection of hemp flower in a variety of unique flavorful strains. To further accomplish our goal of helping other small businesses succeed we also provide quality design services accompanied by professional printing and packaging resources to help you create your own labels and brand with the freedoms to implement your individual style and vision. Furthermore many digital marketing services are also available to help your brand grow efficiently and effectively. Don't go it alone, build your brand today with the foundation of an already established product and the tools provided to grow and establish yourself in the hemp industry. For pricing information and full details on our stock contact us to receive our complete Steel Valley Hemp wholesale catalog. Have questions? You can call or text us at 844-994-3676 or consider following our social media outlets on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates and news on special promotions and sales. Remember to Stay Healthy with Tri-Healthy!
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