Vibes Farm Schedule for Cannafest 2021 Port Charlotte Florida

Vibes Farm Schedule for Cannafest 2021 Port Charlotte Florida

Tri-Healthy CBD - Vibes Farm Cannfest 2021


Vibes Farm w/ Tri Healthy CBD

Vibes Farm is a contemporary reggae-rock band from Boynton Beach, Florida. Formed in 2016, currently consists of three members including Tyler Giddens on vocals, Ryan Jackola on bass, and Brian Groff on the drums. They have broken out of their local scene in big ways including opening up for many of the industry's top acts including Tropidelic, The Movement, Fortunate Youth, Bumping Uglies, and many more!

Tyler became interested in music at a young age as his parents would often play classic rock when he was growing up and he was always mesmerized by a good guitar solo. Eventually, Tyler’s Uncle introduced him to Jimmy Hendrix which led him to truly fall in love with the guitar. During school Tyler wanted to pick up guitar but unfortunately wasn’t allowed, instead he took up learning the saxophone but would nevertheless sneak into class early to learn guitar despite this. Later on, Tyler gained an interest in reggae music largely due to the music of reggae pioneer, Bob Marley, whose influence has inspired the group's sound today. When it came time to pick a name for the band Tyler thought of the name ‘Vibes Farm’ and it became a natural fit and it just hit. He elaborated by saying “A regular farm is a collection of different animals, well this band is just a collection of vibes, so it just felt right.”

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The band gets a lot of their positive energy from playing for live crowds, especially when performing their newer songs off the groups’ latest album, ‘In The Clouds.’ You can check out their stuff on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Spotify and they will also be performing live at the 2021 Cannafest on November 20th in Port Charlotte hosted by SRQ 420, this community wellness event will also be host to many of your favorite dispensaries, brands, physicians, food, and entertainment from the area and beyond - we hope to see you there!

Support Vibes Farm by purchasing using Tyler's promo link on all Tri-Healthy CBD products and apparel

Tri-Healthy CBD Vibes Farm Cannfest 2021

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