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Nano-CBD Pet Bacon Chews

Nano-CBD Pet Bacon Chews

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Nano-CBD Pet Bacon Cheese Chewies

Chewy, meaty, and bite-sized— your pup will roll over. These CBD dog treats are preservative free and made for any size of dog.

Nano-CBD Bacon Soft Chews 900mg. WILDLIFE CBD believes in providing more options for our pet lovers. Bacon Chewies are free of wheat, corn and soy while serving a delicious blend of bacon. As a soft treat alternative, Bacon Chewies offer a dosage of CBD for dogs that prefer an easier-to-chew snack.

Ingredient highlights - NANO CBD Oil, Apples, and Chicken

Product has been independently lab tested and is free of all contaminants.

Is CBD safe for my pet?

CBD and hemp have been used to help animals for quite a long time. Since it doesn't have any psychoactive effects, it's a natural way to relieve your pet of any pain or discomfort.

Can my pet overdose on CBD?

It would be extremely unlikely your pet would ever overdose on CBD. Nonetheless, always consult your veterinarian before incorporating anything new into your pet’s diet.

Will my dog actually like these treats?

With three flavors to choose from, we believe even picky pups will roll over when treat time comes. Our Bacon Soft Chews are a wheat and grain free option.

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