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Tri-Healthy CBD and Delta 8 THC

Patsy's Xite Delta 9 THC Ratio Dark Chocolate Bar

Patsy's Xite Delta 9 THC Ratio Dark Chocolate Bar

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Indulge in an organic and scrumptious 64% Cacao dark chocolate bar with a euphoric twist attributed to the hemp infusion in each bite. Every bar is crafted with 150mg of CBD and 150mg of THC, providing a balanced and delicious flavor. Enjoy the rich flavor of 10 pieces of hemp-derived chocolate and savor the delightful blend of harmony and taste.

1:1 Chocolates 150mg Delta 9 THC 150mg CBD

Xite Silky Chocolate Bars are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Being so delicious and smooth, you can add these to any part of your day.

Super naturally good with zero artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

In 300mg Milk Chocolate or 300mg 64% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bars

Contains THC

Patsy's XITE Chocolate Bars 150mg Delta 9 THC 150mg CBD (Dark Chocolate)

Ingredients: Chocolate Liquor, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavoring, Coconut Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

All Natural – Non-GMO – Gluten Free – No Artificial Flavors – No Artificial Colors – Lab Tested – Sustainably Sourced

This product is legal according to federal law and most state laws. Our distillate is derived from federally legal hemp materials and does not contain more than the legal limit of 0.3% ∆9THC. Local laws and regulations may deem this product illegal in your state or territory and it is your sole responsibility to verify your compliance before purchase. We are not responsible for knowing whether this product is legal in your area, and you assume full responsibility for all parts pertaining to your purchase.

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