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Steel Valley Hemp

SVH Nights CBD / CBN Elderberry Sleep Gummy

SVH Nights CBD / CBN Elderberry Sleep Gummy

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SVH Gummies Nights CBD:CBN 30 MG Per

 Our Steel Valley Hemp Nights Elderberry gummies offer a delicious and convenient way to get both cannabinoids and amino acids right before bedtime. The elderberry flavoring is both sweet and tart. Each gummy contains 15mg of CBN (cannabinol) to help you fall asleep, 15mg of CBD for relaxation and mood support. Elderberry has been touted to boost immunity and help with falling asleep, while CBD provides a relaxing effect. All in all, this unique little treat is great for unwinding after a stressful day.


SVH Nights 30 gummies in a Container, 3 in a Sample Pack

Ingredients List: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Distilled Water, Pectin, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Natural and Artificial Colors, Citric Acid, Cannabidiol (Aerial Parts) 450MG, Cannabinol (Areial Parts) 450MG, Sodium Citrate 


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